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Here I am world! I'm a mother of 3, born and raised in a wonderful small town. Married to a man I met when I was 15 years old and vowed my future to 6 years later. We lead a pretty simple life. So, why create a blog? The short answer: I Love to Write. I always have. I love telling stories about my little family & the self-made sitcom that we reside in every day.

Need a more meaningful explanation? I don't shy away from revealing details about myself; especially if I think it can be helpful to others.--whether it is comic relief, a renewed sense of empowerment, or a reminder that everyone has a bad day. Social media has allowed me to document special memories, fleeting moments, disappointments and late night reflections; and with the tap of a button I can share it all with hundreds of my "closest friends". It was a pleasant surprise to discover that not only were people actually reading my posts but several of them appreciated the honesty behind them. Hence, a blog is born. Nothing fancy, simply chronicling my journey as I grow, screw up, try again & again, fall flat on my face...again, then get back up and keep on going while I laugh, cry & love.

Yes, I have a warm & mushy core. It is surrounded by several layers of lively, opinionated, Cajun, fun loving, country girl goodness and it's all sealed in tight with a generous coating of unadulterated madness. So please, stop by often, because seven out of ten voices residing in my brain promise that "we sure to pass a good time". 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Sneaux Day" Cajun Style

  • So, in true Michelle fashion, this post is a few days late... sorry, apparently the extreme cold put my body into a state of shock. On the bright side, I'm happy that I did not get to post this Friday or even Saturday because it would have been filled with sarcasm about how we crazy Cajuns handle it when the thermometer drops below 32 degrees and then on the "rare occasion" the forecast predicts even the slightest chance of snow flurries: ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Actually, not really, the state just shuts down, we cook gumbo and throw a party for every one with in walking distance (because there's no way we can be expected to drive in those conditions).
  • The reason I am happy that life interfered with my blogging agenda is because our local forecast indicates MORE SNOW for this Tuesday. Ok, so maybe hell didn't break loose, it just froze over. *yuck*yuck*yuck* Call me the queen of knee slapper originality. Anyway, since the weatherman predicts I will have more material to blog about, compliments of Mother Nature, I'm just going to end this with a video I created to commemorate the FIRST snow day of 2014. It demonstrates how we roll... and slip... and fall... down here during the Polar Vortex. Enjoy & don't forgot to leave a comment to let me know how I'm doing with this whole blog thing. Seriously, I can take it. Just don't make any snide comments about my kids or I will hunt you down, stuff you with garlic, smother you with onions and serve you over rice!


    1. SO cute! Love the video - and love the very special we Southerners deal with the 'white stuff'! There's no place I'd rather be :)

      Thanks for a fun post - and hope you enjoy the next round of wintry weather!

    2. Awesome video. Love the stories & cant wait to read & see more.