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Here I am world! I'm a mother of 3, born and raised in a wonderful small town. Married to a man I met when I was 15 years old and vowed my future to 6 years later. We lead a pretty simple life. So, why create a blog? The short answer: I Love to Write. I always have. I love telling stories about my little family & the self-made sitcom that we reside in every day.

Need a more meaningful explanation? I don't shy away from revealing details about myself; especially if I think it can be helpful to others.--whether it is comic relief, a renewed sense of empowerment, or a reminder that everyone has a bad day. Social media has allowed me to document special memories, fleeting moments, disappointments and late night reflections; and with the tap of a button I can share it all with hundreds of my "closest friends". It was a pleasant surprise to discover that not only were people actually reading my posts but several of them appreciated the honesty behind them. Hence, a blog is born. Nothing fancy, simply chronicling my journey as I grow, screw up, try again & again, fall flat on my face...again, then get back up and keep on going while I laugh, cry & love.

Yes, I have a warm & mushy core. It is surrounded by several layers of lively, opinionated, Cajun, fun loving, country girl goodness and it's all sealed in tight with a generous coating of unadulterated madness. So please, stop by often, because seven out of ten voices residing in my brain promise that "we sure to pass a good time". 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ta - Daaaaaa!

Welcome! Welcome, one & all! Don't be shy.
Step right up for your free admission to the freak show that is my mind...

  • Over the last two decades, I've been told on several occasions that I should have my own sitcom based on my life and/or I should write a book. Well, here it is, in my opinion it's the next best thing -- My Very Own Blog! I'm going to be honest, I'm pretty nervous about this new hobby of mine. I love to write. It has always been a source of release for me. Feel free to ask my parents and my husband; every time there was a situation that I did not feel comfortable confronting them about, I would put it all down on paper. Many a times, much to their dismay, I really put it ALL down on paper. If anyone happens to be reading this and you are not familiar with me personally, you will soon realize that I tend to have a flair for the dramatic. I don't remember ever working on a project or event and uttering the words, "Nah, I think that would be over kill." So, while at the moment I am nervous about putting my thoughts out there in the universe in a forum that will allow wild abandonment of carefully filtered sentiments; I'm pretty confident that I have some family and friends who will be praying the rosary more often while asking for divine intervention to keep me from making a spectacle of everyone involved. To all of those that I love dearly, I promise that I will keep your names and situations out of my posts... unless, of course, it is required to explain a back story or it's just too damn good to pass up. In that case, I'm just going to apologize to y'all now for future embarrassment.
  • Right now, I'm pretty excited and my fingers are itching to keep on typing, but unfortunately, I have stayed awake all night designing my page and it's time to jump in the shower and start my day. Before I go, let me leave you with this: While trying to decide on a name for my blog (which by the way, is just a strange word in itself), I ran into several brick walls because the list of names I had originally chosen were already in use. This made me realize that in this world there are several people who think like me! Just let that image marinate in your brain for a moment. If you and I are well acquainted, I'm pretty sure the hair on the back of your neck is standing straight up. Have a great day! I'll be back here later to empty more of the clutter that accumulates in my skull.


  1. Congrats on your new blog! Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes & support. That means a lot to me as I try to work my way through this new project of mine.